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Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce and Toasted Nuts by Dr. Will Cole

Today’s blog post comes from Dr. Will Cole, author of Ketotarian. He’s sharing one of his favorite vegan keto recipes from his new book. Try it out and tell us what you think! Thanks for having me on the @knowfoods IG Live today! As promised, here’s how to make one of my favorites from my book Ketotarian.   Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce and Toasted Nuts VEGAN, VEGETARIAN PREP: 15

Paleo Vs. Keto

The paleo diet is based on the way people ate during the Paleolithic era, back in the days of hunters and gatherers. So, the staples of paleo diet are lean meats, fish, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, all the things humans ate before the invention of modern agriculture, when wheat took center stage. The keto diet is designed to shift a person into a state of ketosis, which burns fat

How-To Keto on Thanksgiving

Not gonna lie, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. We. Love. To. Eat. Not going to apologize for it. 😉 Everybody deserves a cheat now and then. so if you’re going to go carb crazy, Thanksgiving is definitely the day to do it. But for some people, carbing out just isn’t an option – whether you’re celiac, gluten intolerant, Diabetic, or religious about your eating regimen, Thanksgiving can be rough. We’ve put together a list of our

Top 14 Keto Friendly KNOW Better Products

Today our friend Clay Owen from Savage Fuel is taking over the blog. Read on! Top 14 Keto Friendly KNOW Better Products: In this post I’m going to rank KNOW Foods top 14 keto friendly products so you can pick up some of your favorite treats and keep the ketones coming! To give this list some context, my name is Clay and as of writing this post, I’ve been on

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Powell

KNOW fan @loving_lessofme_more shared her amazing story with us, and we wanted to share it with you! “I spent most of my life wishing time away.  I had convinced myself that the only thing I was in this world was “the fat girl.” An entire human being, unique and kind in so many ways… and the only value I gave to myself was based on the size of my body… and

Guest Blogger: Pro-BMX Athlete Josh Perry

Being a pro BMX athlete and multiple brain tumor survivor, currently living with 4 tumors in my skull today and dealing with multiple concussions over the years, has led me to become passionate about a keotogenic diet and lifestyle. My journey with brain tumors started over 8 years ago, but it wasn’t until the 3rd diagnosis in February 2017 that I got serious about adopting the ketogenic lifestyle whole-heartedly. That said, there

Buyer Beware: Low Fat

Have you ever come across a food that you know is not good for you, but is somehow positioned as “low fat”, like that’s a good thing! This always means there’s tons of sugar and carbs, so don’t fall for it. What other faux marketing ploys have you heard of?? Leave your answers in the comments!

Guest Blogger: Lele Tests her Ketones

Hi everyone! My name is Lele, better known as on Instagram. I’m taking over the blog today to share the results of testing my ketones after eating a KNOW Better cookie. Being a Type 2 Diabetic can be complicated but knowing what foods you can eat really helps! I usually try to eat more whole foods than snacks on the Keto diet, but there are days when I want

Net Carbs Explained

Because fiber and (most) sweeteners are carbohydrates that your body cannot digest, they are not considered an active carb because they do not raise your blood sugar levels or trigger an insulin response. To calculate total net carbs, subtract Allulose, fiber, and sugar alcohols from the total carbs.