KNOW fan @loving_lessofme_more shared her amazing story with us, and we wanted to share it with you!

“I spent most of my life wishing time away.  I had convinced myself that the only thing I was in this world was “the fat girl.” An entire human being, unique and kind in so many ways… and the only value I gave to myself was based on the size of my body… and even worse… it was based on my own skewed perception of what others thought about my body.

Two years ago, I began my keto journey chasing a smaller size… searching for happiness that I was certain came with a shrinking body.

What I discovered is that true happiness comes from unconditional self-love. From having the kind of love for myself that tells me I am worthy regardless of the size of my jeans. That I am deserving of happiness without any strings attached. And that my body does not owe rent to anyone, regardless of how much space it takes up in this world.”

Why do YOU keto? Reach out and tell us your story!

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